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Jazzy T, What's the word?


Women In Sports Bizz

Here we support and share our passion for women in sports and the business of women in sports with other like minded women and allies. Join us in spreading the word!!


Mama I Wanna Write

Jazzy T shares with you what she would say to her mother about herself, life, and everything she wishes she could say.


LK Writing

" Everything starts at home."

Where Jazzy T discusses bridging the gap between home and school.



Where Jazzy T opens up topics for you! Participate. Listen. Learn. Grow.

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Word of the Week

A new phrase every week to start your week off thinking consciously. Cause it ain't just about you!



Jazzy T shares with you her photography skills and images that inspire her to write.

About Jazzy T....

When observing, I often process with empathy, and approving nod, a smile, a shameful shake of my head wishing I didn't see so much and oftentimes its a glimpse. No harm, no problem. Just a mere observation. Because I merely internalized the images of  that moment. And a moment being what it is...its gone. Faded away into the recesses of my mind until next time. Not to be processed and held on to. No judgement.


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