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The Full Story


From as far back as I can remember, I was told  that I am wise beyond my years, that I have the patience of Job, that I am a truly a Goddess and that they don't make women like me anymore. 

Since then I have come to realize that I am truly a life vessel. It appears that I have lived  my life for thousands of people so they may believe in the best of people and live better lives for themselves. 

Now that I am a very mature woman at an very mature age I wanted to share in writing what I have shared with so many others in person.

I look forward to us connecting through the multiple features of Jazzy T's  blog. Take care, stay safer and be well.


To express in writing the many facets of life through multiple features and platforms

To create writing that bridges the gap between home and school, student learning and parenting

Abilities and Capabilities

Get to Know Us

Ability to plan and organize

Business of Women Sports

Capable Life Coach & Sports Coach

Demonstrates Creative and critical thinking

Experienced Editor, Proof Reader & Writer

Excellent Educator

Experienced in Leadership 

Experienced in Non Profit Management

Experienced in Program Development & Implementation 

Great communication skills both oral and written

Experienced Community Health Educator

Experienced in Youth development

Great Speaker/Presenter

Great interpersonal skills

Knowledge of Families & Communities

Knowledge of Philanthropy

Experienced in Youth development

Experienced Planner: Outcome based and results driven


To be a change agent

To create communities through creative  writing that connect, cultivate, empower, inspire, motivate and transform

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